Export 101

Entering the export market takes know-how. Export 101 is set of Food Export education programs and activities that give you must-know knowledge. Below is a list of activities that provide information and education in a variety of formats such as a helpline, printed materials, seminars, and online resources.

Food Export Helpline™

This one-on-one service provides export assistance on a wide variety of topics. This service helps both the novice and experienced exporter by answering export-related questions, providing insights needed to succeed, and identifying the top export markets for your product(s). Learn more about the assistance offered through Food Export Helpline™.

Export Essentials Online

This service is an educational introduction to the fundamentals and logistics of exporting. Each section tackles an important subject and provides detailed information to assist in answering your questions about exporting. Export Essentials consists of ten topics that can guide companies to determine their export readiness, research and target their top markets and even create an export marketing strategy.

Whether you're just beginning to export, or are already exporting, Export Essentials offers what you need to succeed!

Educational Seminars and Webinars

Staff members from Food Export-Midwest and Food Export-Northeast, as well as our network of international marketing executives, share their extensive experience and expertise in seminars held throughout the year in various locations. Our webinars are designed to help companies new-to-exporting as well as experienced exporters learn about the export process and the resources available to assist with expanding their food and agricultural business. Learn more about upcoming seminars and webinars.


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Export Intelligence Video Series - Meeting Foreign Buyers

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